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Banner Advertising

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Banner Advertising is a form of advertising on the Internet.  Online advertising involves embedding an advert into a web page, known as a banner advert. This is done mainly to attract visitors of a website where the banner ad is displayed to click on the advert directing them to another website or landing page. Banner advertising is an effective way to reach potential customers from pages that have a high volume of visitors. Banner advertisement can also be used to create brand awareness.

When banners are strategically placed on websites with thousands of consumers visiting every day, it is undeniably an interesting marketing channel; that any marketing manager will find this appealing. MYP have at its disposition a wide online network, where placing your banner will increase your visibility exponentially. Most high volume websites offers banner advertising, have you ever seen the adverts of big companies? The good news is that yours could be there too. Contact us.

We currently have three types of banner :  Static banner, Animated Banner and Flash banner. 


5 reasons why you should use banner advertising


Versatility in Presentation

Banner Advertising is not limited to static image. Rich media can be added to your banners, animations, streaming media or slideshows. Nowadays there are tools that helps to compress the size of rich media, hence; you can create interactive banners without significantly reduce the speed at which the banner will be loaded. You will have an eye-catching banner that will leave an everlasting impression.

Building Brand Recognition

Banner advertising is a useful tool in creating awareness of your brand or introduction of a new product. Even when a user does not click on your banner, it converts the customer into a state of unawareness, by viewing the banner, to a state of awareness. In a study, by the Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce, shows that with enough exposure to your advertising, web surfers subconsciously register your brand in their mind, even if they may not be focusing at your banner.

Flexible Pricing Structures

MYP have a flexible Pricing Structure that enables all companies to have a banner avert on a highly visited web portal such as Mauritius Yellow Pages. But we should however make it be known that the leader board adverts on the yellow.mu is limited, nonetheless, all adverts are highly effective.

Effective Audience Targeting

MYP constantly expandingin network to include several specialised webpages and portals . Each of these dedicated sites will have a different target audience. For instance if you are an hotel owner, you may want to advertise your business on a dedicated hotel portal. Other ways to effectively target the right audience is to consider our other advertising zones e.g. A bank can display their advert within Mauritius Yellow Pages category Finance and Legal.

Banner Sizes and Examples

Sizes:        728 X 90 (Leader Board)

 728 X 90 Banner

728 X 90 Banner

Sizes:        120 X 240 (Vertical Banner)

 120 X 240 - Vertical Banner       120 X 240 - Vertical Banner

Sizes:    240 X 400 (Vertical Rectangle)

  240 X 400 - Vertical Rectangle         240 X 400 - Vertical Rectangle



Price Structure for banner creation 

Price Structure



Max Initial File Load Size: 40 KB

Max Additional Initial File Load Size for OBA Self-Reg Compliance: 5 KB

Max Animation Frame Rate: 24 fps

Maximum Animation Length: (i.e. Flash) 15-sec. m/p

Mauritius Yellow Pages

MYP Online Marketing Ltd is a Limited Liability Company offering innovative advertising services to Corporates, Companies, Professionals and SMEs across Mauritius and Rodrigues. Mauritius Yellow Pages (MYP) ™ formerly launched in 1996, when technology was still looked upon with suspicion, MYP has since undergone a complete rebranding and has re-launched its portal as of 2015 to integrate the latest technologies.

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Arshad Dewkunkhan is Editor at Mauritius Yellow Pages, aged 25, resident of Rose - Hill. Former student of the St Joseph college with a formal education at College and University in Business Side.   Arshad is an avide reader, manages several Social Media pages, a football fanatic and loves spending time by nature.  


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