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Professionals and Companies in Mauritius, as well as on Rodrigues Island; selling or dealing with Business and Professional Services

  Starting a business regularly obliges business visionaries to comprehend and finish an assortment of business tasks. A vital business capacity when beginning a business is bookkeeping. Albeit numerous business people who might see it to be frightful to dig through unending heaps of money related records, bookkeeping give business visionaries with the clearest photo of their business' prosperity. Business people should likewise keep several measures of records with respect to the little business startup for duty and legitimate purposes.   Certainties Numerous small organizations began as a side interest or side business. This bookkeeping strategy records and perceives exchanges when...
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What is a difficult employee? There are many definitions or perceptions of a difficult employee! These range from interpersonal problems insubordination through aggression, violence, poor performance, poor attendance or punctuality, substance abuse or lack of integrity. In short, an individual whose performance is unsatisfactory or having an unacceptable behavior by the standards and values ​​of your organization. The negative impact of these employees on the organization can take various forms : reduced productivity or efficiency, reduced quality and customer service, the workload of other employees, the physical health of managers and colleagues in a deteriorated working environment. This can go up...
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Telephone Etiquette for Business Calls   For most type of organisations the phone has an important role in the day by day operations. This is on account of organisations needing them to contact merchants, business partners, and customers or clients. They are additionally important since they open an entryway of correspondence with clients by permitting them to contact the business whenever amid its hours of operation. As essential as the telephone seems to be, it is pretty much as imperative that organizations know the contrast between what is great and what is awful telephone behavior.   They should understand how they...
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  Any entrepreneur who wants the sustainability of his business must promote a pleasant social climate for its employees so they can work in the best conditions. Among the tools available to the manager, it is essential to establish proper communication that will allow it to establish a positive relationship with its employees and establish a dialogue. Good communication is the art of understanding, exchanging of information without blurring the message and ensure proper management of information flows within the company. Leaders must make every effort to improve communication. For this, they must first create a good atmosphere in order to...
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A QR Code is a squared two dimensional barcode that can store digital tremendous information when it comes to texts , website addresses or any other online information which can guide the user. QR Codes can be deciphered from a mobile phone with a camera and drive. Printed on a support or placed in the urban environment , it allows to connect the physical space and digital space.   Why integrate ? Making often face physical limitations to disseminate information , QR codes scanners offer several possibilities: Towards a complementary web page displayed to the product ; Offer exclusive deals...
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