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Professionals and Companies in Mauritius, as well as on Rodrigues Island; selling or dealing with Family and Community

There is certainly much more than just sea, sand and sun to be found in Mauritius.    Reflecting a spectacular nature beauty, some truly unique plants once grew all over this tiny island in the middle of the vast Indian Ocean. In fact, due to its isolated location, most plants that grew on Mauritius were endemic and rare. Alas, they were of little value to the conquerors and soon vastly replaced by edible and cultivated species from all over the world. So today, they are rare gems and need to be protected.   The slaves and labourers on the island knew...
Natural Health
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Mauritius has been creating international headlines recently not for their beautiful beaches and sunny climate, but for some dark and dirty secrets coming to the surface, all of them concerning animal treatment. The shocking news that this “Paradise Island” is amongst the last ones to export live monkeys to laboratories all over the world has created international stir and caused animal loving visitors to even cancel their island holidays. Now, as the stormy waters have calmed down a bit, an even more shocking film has been put online, showing the practices at a MSAW (Mauritius Society for Animal Welfare) “shelter”. The...
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The world has evolved considerably  since the last decades in terms of technology, standard of living and overall facilities, unfortunately mentalities have not evolved regarding disabilities. They face different kinds of discrimination at various levels social, economic, and civic inequality as compared with those without any form of disabilities. For many young people with disabilities, they encounter difficulties concerning education, economic opportunities, exclusion and even abuse in some cases. The problem seems to be even more predominant in undeveloped countries. UNESCO estimates that 98% of children with disabilities in developing countries do not attend school and 99% of girls with...
Boghosian autismhouse13 LIFE
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Ebola discovered in 1976 near the Ebola River in the Democratic Republic of Congo, crept its way back in our lives in 2014. Mauritius despite being part of the African Continent does not have any registered case of Ebola, but till when? Is it a matter of days? Hours? The apocalyptic downfall that Ebola will bring leave little to the imagination. We read about it in newspapers, we hear about it from international media, it is in the news, thankfully not yet in our homes. Many believe that it will not reach our shores, how far is that sensible? We did...
Ebola Test
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