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  Mauritius have been ranked 28th in a list of 89 countries for ease of doing business by the World Bank Group, 13th in facilities for paying taxes, 17th for trading across borders  and 28th for protecting minority investors. The country position itself fairly on most parameters recorded. Arguably these parameters could have been better but fact remains is that the country though with limited means have been able to cope with the bigger economies. We should nonetheless not sleep on our laurels, much remains to be done, especially in the financial regulation sector. Notwithstanding this, we have seen a cascade...
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Google AdSense advertising banners abused for cyber attacks     G DATA Exploit Protection has prevented attacks since the outset. Bochum (Germany), 17 April 2015     Attackers have abused the Google AdSense advertising network to distribute malware to millions of Internet users. G DATA Exploit Protection has been fending off the attacks since the outset and has protected users against computer infections. The cause of these attacks was a compromised supplier of the advertising network. The attackers used an exploit kit that, among other things, exploits a security hole in Adobe Flash Player. On many computers, this vulnerability has not been closed,...
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  Ponzi Schemes are not new scams, they have existed since the 1920’s and is an offence in all countries. A ponzi scheme is a fraudulent business activity that happens when a business pays returns to its investors from new capital that is invested by new investors, rather than profits actually earned on the investment. As a matter of fact, in ponzi schemes no investment is actually being made. Let me give you an example. A company advertise to the public that there is an investment scheme where you can get high returns (more than what banks offer!) at a...
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Conflicts exist in all avenues of life, it is inevitable. The earth is home to 7 billion of people, it is 7 billion different people. There are no two person who have exactly the same perception about everything. Conflict is in fact the result of friction and disagreements between two or more people, when the views and opinions of one party is resisted, rejected or deemed wholly unacceptable by the other party. However, it does not need to have the aversive outcome as it may sound to most people, it can be healthy, lead to more efficiency and team spirit. Notwithstanding...
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Future Hosting was established in 2001, and quickly aimed to integrate highly dependable cost-effective hosting with superior customer service. The company acknowledges and make it a point to honor that technical competence, flexible service, complete constancy and fair cost are essential for any company that desires to prosper in the competitive IT Sector. At MYP Online Marketing Ltd, we provide a range of IT Services that ensures the individual needs of our clients are fulfilled. We strive to form enduring and mutually-beneficial relationship with our clients. By partnering with a company as reputable as Future Hosting, we ensure that our service...
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