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  What is a QR Code?     A QR Code is this small square in black and white that we find more and more on advertising platforms. They can contain different informations that are valuable for the consumer.   Once the square scanned by a smartphone, the user can be redirected to a Web Page where the customer can make sales, receive a coupon of discount or even directly add to his agenda a specific date. In brief, a QR code allows to extend information from any physical platform to the numeric for your marketing campaign. The impact on the consumer...
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One of the well-known security techniques that users are advised to follow is never depend on a single technology to protect their valuable data, instead their should be multiple technologies used so that if one has failed the chances are lower for the second one to fail as well.    G DATA has adopted this since it early development and have always been protecting users based on the output of two protection engines. If a technology used in one of the engines failed, the second will most likely survive and mitigate the risk. Actually, this is not unique for G DATA, many...
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With today’s multiple systems and controls, it became very hard for any company to follow up their systems and manage them in harmony. To solve this all providers have developed management suites to reliably manage and control their systems and even connect it with other systems. But what features should you be looking for in your product? To answer this question, let's list the needs that you will look for in your Antivirus product to get the expected benefits: 1- Web based Mobility has become a major need in today's business, so you should look for a facilities that allows you...
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What are QR codes? QR codes are these squared designs that you must have seen popping up almost anywhere these last months. There is a pretty good chance that you have seen one in magazines, blog articles, billboards, products you bought or even at coffee shops QR Codes are placed on mugs. QR Codes are computer generated images, they acts as a shortcut to connect customers directly to online resources. When you see a QR Code you only need to scan it with an application on your mobile phone and it will connect you mobile directly to the website or the...
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Online Tourism and Travel Online tourism is rapidly becoming a growing topic of research and its importance as future mode of acquiring information and purchase of tourism products and services is growing day by day. Mauritius being known as a tourist destination is on the forefront of this revolution. Nowadays people are going to travel often check their destination through the internet, it is a quick way to get information, the hotel booking and various trips can also be booked instantl. Each part of your journey can be road mapped to enhance your stay. WHL aims to provide the best services...
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