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Online Directory What is a directory ? A directory is a website that will bring together , list several other sites. It can be specialized or general. All directories are not good directories. For a directory is good, it is not the number of referenced sites that will play , but rather the content , descriptions of these sites . We must apply the rules of a good SEO that we saw throughout the tutorials in page content ! What you a directory is it for? It will allow you to register your site enough barbantes under certain conditions. The conditions...
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SEO in 2016: The importance of the quality and content of the User Experience Any responsible or E-Marketing entrepreneur wishing to optimize its visibility on the web knows how difficult it can be lifted via the SEO leads from the changing SEO techniques. The quality of the content offered must be constantly on the production of information posted online. This is not to base its thinking on a concept of "volume at all costs" but, on the dissemination of information intelligently constructed and written, with the sole objective to offer really interesting content for your readers and visitors. Your willingness to...
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On cyber security issues, the study GISS 2015 Ernst & Young shows that the majority of companies (88%) believe that their information systems do not meet their security needs. Regarding the sources of threats, they are 59% to mention criminal organizations before the hacktivists (54%), but also mean more groups sponsored by governments (35%). The audit and consulting firm EY (Ernst & Young) just released its 18th annual survey on information security. Devoted to cyber security threats that companies face, the 2015 edition of GISS (Global Information Security Survey) was conducted among 1755 organizations in 67 countries. First observation, 88% of...
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Mauritius Yellow pages cannot emphasize it enough: content is king! Often seen as secondary, it is nevertheless one of the three pillars of SEO. Without content and interesting work, it is difficult to stand out. First, the content is of particular importance in the user path. When used well, it can improve its brand image by humanizing, giving it a style or a particular tone.   Writing content somehow show that we can speak to the user and it is taken into account in its business strategy, especially content which are related to your local market like Mauritius. It is no...
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Whether you are just a new kid on the walk or a long established company, online marketing offers today unimaginable possibilities. Here are 10 examples (to tell the truth 11 but 10 is much more rounded):     The birth of a huge market. And yes, it's over the age of our grandparents when an SME touched only potential customers of his town or area. Today, with the Internet, we can have customers all over the country and even better, across the planet. There is no longer any geographical limits.     Direct contact. The electronic mail shall, henceforth, give the...
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