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Mauritius from a young perspective.

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We have long been flaunted as the sophisticated exotic island seen from afar, in merriment and justified wonderment but only insiders know what story our beautiful postcards can tell in reality. Do not be mistaken, the country IS beautiful, spectacular even and will welcome tourists and visitors with the legendary Mauritian smile. But there also has been a disparity from that same smile within the very walls of this young Republic in real life for its inhabitants; we have unfortunately proved numerous times that we are not the united country that we would have wished to be.

We need to face the issue hands on. And find the solution to coincide the vision and the reality as we want it to be. The lure of Power has progressively undermined the efforts of this little community in its crusade to become a solid and united block where all different religious and spiritual groups will co-exist in total harmony. Over the years after the advent of the Independence of Mauritius; all different religious groups aspired to be fairly and equally represented in the parliament and this innermost desire has been surreptitiously exploited by the Mauritian political front of those times and it has subtly constructed the society in untold fragments. If our communities were less grouped and more evenly distributed across the island; unity would have had a deeper meaning but let us give reality a daring lookup. Why is it that specific areas find a concentration of a major religious group; such as Roche Bois for the Catholics, Plaine Verte for the Muslims, The Rural Areas for the Hindus and so on? Politicians have built a network of false illusions to make the head of different religious groups adhere to the belief that should they separate and mingle, the religions would lose their authenticity and be trampled upon by others of different creed and ethnicity. This has been a game of theirs since the very beginning. The Why of the question will find a simple answer in the one all-encompassing word: Power - not so much for personal gains than for the pleasure of being powerful and remaining in their seats of power for the longest. In this system of hidden division and ruling, self-proclaimed messiahs have held the reins of power for far too long.

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Politicians thus regularly built that strong network on which they could claim their legitimacy to extend their reach over Power when there was a need for it. It is appalling in the sense that the vehicle used in the achievement of Power should have been based on pragmatic and innovating ideas for the betterment of the country and working towards it rather than anything else, certainly not misguided individuals. We have thus seen the sprouting of toadstool associations everywhere, each one trying more than the other to represent their caste or religious adherence for a better bargaining power for Power.

But we want to correct the mistakes of the past. The Young Mauritius does not want to believe and swim in the communal canals dredged by the twisted and the cunning, for the absolute control of sectorial voters. Modern-day communication has played a major role in this awareness of the need for a secular and healthy State. With the implementation of Facebook in the habit of the youth, our network has grown more united and thus we have recognised that our Mauritius, which we Pride ourselves over, is not today reflecting the image of what it is supposed to convey in 2013. We have understood that we have the same Mauritian blood; that our destiny is common; that the fight, the difficulties our society will be facing in the future will be a lot easier to handle and overcome if we all stand strong and united. We should be able to indulge in the typical ‘lutte’ as a single nation capable of great things and we should be able to display more fervor and capacity to defy the Divisive Ruling stereotypes that have been onset by the older generation. This is what accentuates the breath of communalism with religion becoming the tool of Evil.

We know about the forked language that is used behind the curtains of smiles, the obscure reference to religious theologies in order to bag votes of a particular community or caste. We know about the stand that political parties take on specific issues so as not to cause harm to their traditionally established electorate, the recurrent half-said threats is not innocent, democratization of the economy have been topics used over and over again to trigger the respect of allegiance of one clan. These have been thematic issues. Now the Youth requires genuine people to represent us, the kind who will be truly ready to stand up for our beliefs and aspirations simply as Mauritians with a secular language.

There exists a leap of light years between the paragraphs of this article and the tremendous work that still needs to be done but for a start we need to join our thoughts, good faith and actions and give life to our words in the form of a near-future reality. The next generation has a lot of expectations from us, and they deserve a better Mauritius as legacy and in total legitimacy.
We, as the Mauritian generation of today’s world, wish to have a better country, striving on Unity and Diversity whereby there is no place for divisive principles. We are real people with a conscience and a heart, nowhere close to engineered paradoxes and we will stand for what we believe in. We are aware that a bright picture of the future of our country will be drafted by the way we will rise to the challenges of ‘Today’. A journey of a thousand of steps begins with a single step; will you take the first step? Change begins from within you.

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Arshad Dewkunkhan is Editor at Mauritius Yellow Pages, aged 25, resident of Rose - Hill. Former student of the St Joseph college with a formal education at College and University in Business Side.   Arshad is an avide reader, manages several Social Media pages, a football fanatic and loves spending time by nature.  


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