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Mauritius Yellow Pages (MYP) relaunched after 19 years, offers an innovative and creative approach to online marketing. 

The relaunch of MYP, will extensively reshape the landscape of the local business community in Mauritius. Business owners can find a well built platform where their businesses will be visible to thousands of visitors per day. At MYP we acknowledge that marketing is an investment instead of a cost.  As the Mauritius Business Directory; we have a responsibility to enable all business and professionals to be featured on Mauritius Yellow Pages under an free listing “Classic” Over the years, MYP followed changes and trends within the technology and the business community we offer all, and decided it was time to enable business and professionals more options then to list their activities and be found on MYP.

When a potential customer is looking for someone in this particular field. The general public will benefit from accurate information of all companies without any hassle of complicated process.  The additional benefits comes in forms of extended information section, reviews and more importantly great discounts and gain access to our coupons section. We have also improved our Yellow Mail enabling consumers to establish contact and communicate with the businesses without the need to move onto another mailing system.


At MYP we keep our services simple but efficient. Our services range from classified business listings (starting from Rs 49 per month only*), mobile applications, e-commerce, booking systems, social media administration, content management and niche marketing, just to state a few. MYP is much more than just an online classified book, it is the online marketing store where all businesses and professionals will find  something that they need. MYP has as objective to actively contribute in the general development of Mauritius by assisting businesses branding and reaching the local as well as international consumers, at very affordable prices. MYP’s social media channels and blog section will be available for both the business community and consumers, which will be both informative and entertaining, where information on various themes, opinions, new trends, movie reviews, book reviews, youth news will be updated regularly.                                                

After an in depth research to understand the needs, apprehensions and hope of the modern market, we came down to the relaunch of MYP, a single brand name with an array of features. In today’s web 2.0 environment, you cannot afford to be invisible on the internet. Being present on the internet is no longer considered a luxury of only a privileged few. In our technology driven world, the internet is having an increased role for the marketing of products and services, social media is swirling ten of thousands of potential customers on a daily basis, we have the know - how and the technology to place your business in there, giving you a competitive advantage.

We are a team of  young dynamic professionals and experienced people with the motivation- drive to make the business community benefit from new technologies of the internet. We offer concise information to guide you through the process, our customer service will relentlessly work to provide you with all the information that you need. 


We trail modern technologies to make sure that our clients get the most, we are not only limited to traditional business listings, we can do more than that. MYP entails the newest technologies, available on the market. At MYP we have a knowledge about the hurdles that new businesses go through, the bills that get stacked in the drawers, the lack of cash flow, the late delivery of goods which all affect the profitability of the company, we have paid good consideration to manage the prices in such a way that we are accessible to all budgets. MYP is not about an elite, but it’s for every businessman, marketer and verdor. Big or small, whether you are well established or you are a newly launched company, you will definitely find something at MYP that will suit your purpose.  MYP intends to be a one stop shop - “Home Depot” for Online Marketing. We have a global network, that aims at providing the best services. We have associated ourselves with internationally-reputed companies to provide great services to the clients of MYP. Some of these partners are Hotel Link Solutions, Payment Asia and Future Hosting. 

While you are thinking, many business owners are listing their business to take full advantage of the services that MYP offer. Be part of the new business landscape that MYP will set. We envision to develop into various phases whenever technology develops further, we will never trail behind and we will come second to none when it comes to innovation, development,creativity and giving the best service.  Are you willing to start the adventure with us?

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Arshad Dewkunkhan is Editor at Mauritius Yellow Pages, aged 25, resident of Rose - Hill. Former student of the St Joseph college with a formal education at College and University in Business Side.   Arshad is an avide reader, manages several Social Media pages, a football fanatic and loves spending time by nature.  


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