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Online tourism is rapidly becoming a growing topic of research and its importance as future mode of acquiring information and purchase of tourism products and services is growing day by day. Mauritius being known as a tourist destination is on the forefront of this revolution. Nowadays people are going to travel often check their destination through the internet, it is a quick way to get information, the hotel booking and various trips can also be booked instantl. Each part of your journey can be road mapped to enhance your stay. WHL aims to provide the best services that match the current market demands.

5 Good Reasons To Choose Collaboration with Mauritius

        1.It is all about the Local Connection

To provide the traveller the most interesting and unique variety of accommodation, rentals and tours; the MPO teams up with local services providers from the large international recognised to the small and unique operators in every destination they are present.

Not anyone can become a MPO and administrate an ecommerce portal. Our local partners are hand selected due to their destination expertise and their company values towards sustainable tourism.

Rest assured that our local partners know all of the great places to stay and things to do. Through their platform, they are able to bring these products to you. You can mix and match tours and hotels to create your idea of a dream holiday.

Use the search box on the left of the page to find out more about our individual partners.

2.E-travel platform solution - Take control of your online presence

With the rapid growth in online travel bookings and increasing competition from large global players, small and medium sized accommodations and tour operating companies need the latest tools to assist them to promote and sell their services/products.

The most effective way to make sure that your company is out there for the world to see is by aligning yourself with a technology and marketing partner like The tools and functionality available to you through your very own e-travel platform offers you the flexibility you need to successfully promote your hotels, tours and packages whilst retaining full control of your product and marketing message.

3. products - e-travel platform

The system operates as a full travel portal.

It supports bookings for a range of travel products such as accommodation, tours, airport transfers, holiday packages among others with options of applying standard conditions or the services provides own including deposit payment, payment surcharge and more.

All of the content is created, uploaded and edited in collaboration with MPO.

      4.System features and Options

      WHL.traval reservation system enables the traveller to create and process bookings in real time,

  1. Allocation setting or Real time availability,
  2. Option for integrate with ResOnline Channel Manager Solution,
  3. The system’s auto-generated email to the traveller and reservation so as to eliminates mistakes and improves turn-around time,
  4. Categorisation of services enabling traveller to brows the portal to identify and book your travel/tourist service,
  5. Content Management System for the MPO to edit all content and update your service presentation on the portal when needed,
  6. Search Engine Optimisation features to effectively optimize your product/service pages for search engine such as Google, Bing and Yahoo,
  7. E-commerce/payment gateway enabling the travellers to secure their reservation in real time and increasing conversion.

      5.Flexible Collaboration

  1.  Moreover, with the subscription and the combination booking system can be integrated with the supplier’s website and other facilitated sites thus, creating additional online shopping windows.

Collaboration Option and Charges

Traditional Assist * Pure *
No. Of Rooms


TO Rates



1 - 15 TO or25% 5% + MUR 3,500 MUR 3,500
16 -35 TO or30% 5% + MUR 6,000 MUR 6,000
36 - 75 TO 5% + MUR 11,000 MUR 11,000
76 - 110 TO 5% + MUR 15,000

MUR 15,000

111 + TO 5% + MUR 24,000 MUR 24,000


* All e-commerce transactions is subject to credit card changes.


WHL Logo

The WHL. Travel Group originates from a World Bank project aiming to help tourist services providers to reach the world traveller through the internet. As the first region chosen was the countries where the Mekong River runs through, it is only natural that when the project was privatised is was incorporated in Hong Kong to keep the close ties to Asia.

As the Group expanded regional head offices was setup, so as to shorten the line of communication and provide a more efficient support to the local Market Place Operators (MPO). Today has over 300 MPOs in 90 countries and territories worldwide including Mauritius.

WHL aims to provide unique and/or customised experience to all travellers, with focus on sustainability and ECO tourism. The MPO representing Mauritius and Rodrigues Island is a pioneer within ECO and Adventure tourism. With this experience this tourism operation provides a wide range of services that meet the high standards and unique, with the ability to be booed individually or as customised holiday package and we recommend obtain more information on accommodation, activities and rentals or for online booking.